On your path to success, don’t forget to take your kids with you!

My creative and enterprising colleague Edie Raether is a Change Strategist and CEO – Chief Enlightenment Officer for kids. She is an international speaker, bestselling author of six books now in over a dozen languages, and the creator of the Wings for Wishes Institute whose mission is to change the way the world thinks…one child at a time.

Don’t Leave Your Child’s Health, Happiness and Success to Chance!

A family counselor and behavioral psychology expert, Edie celebrates the launch of the first of a series of empowering character building programs that facilitate healthy life choices in children. It is a program about prevention rather than correction. It plants seeds of greatness with the Right Message at the RIghtTime for Right Thinking!

Invest in your child’s future success now and receive your FREE Gifts. You will also get one FREE with the purchase of three programs.

This Fun Adventure of Potential and Possibilities Promises the Following:

• Identify and transform a child’s genius to greatness, and potential to possibilities.

• Instill strong values, hope and a positive belief system to dream big and bold.

• Encourage healthy life choices to assure a child’s health, happiness and success.

• Build self esteem, courage, compassion, self discipline, responsibility and integrity.

• Develop relationships that respect others and honor diversity and the environment.

• Stimulate creative problem solving to learn team cooperation and community spirit.

• Ignite the desire and motivation to do one’s best and to always do the right thing.

Next to a parent’s love, I Believe I Can Fly! may be the best investment you make in your child’s future. Suggested for ages 3-10, but what age doesn’t benefit from inspiration?

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